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The Land of Soccer, Tango, and Wines

The name came from the Spanish Language, however, the name itself is not Italian and in Italian, the meaning of Argentina is "Made up of silver". The country roots from the Spanish Colonization and it rose as the successor state of the Viceroyalty.

The country is the 18th largest country in the world and became the seventh wealthiest developed countries. 
Argentina is renowned for its history and amusing nightlife. Along with excursions like soccer and tango; Argentina invites tourists with its fine dining, comic, cartoon arts, and a unique mix of Italian and Spanish Culture; Argentina has something for all visitors. 


Amusing Iguazu waterfalls

Argentina is full of some of the most dramatic sceneries. From the alluring Iguazu waterfalls to the Perito Moreno glacier; Argentina has something to offer for all visitors. 


The Multicultural Country

Argentina is a multicultural country, however, the modern Argentine culture has been largely influenced by the Italian Spanish Culture. In the music genres, Tango and Rioplatense are the Argentina's international cultural symbols. Food and drinks are in the blood of many Argentinian lifestyles.

Being a visitor you can take advantage of Argentina's scenic beauty, the wealth of historic sites, and tours. Argentina's La Recoleta Cemetery allows you to eyewitness the facts and photos of the about this notable cemetery in Buenos Aires. If you are planning to spend your vacation in Argentina, it has something for everyone. Touring the Patagonian glaciers and Iguazu Falls’ steamy jungles are one of the best parts to be visited while spending your vacations at this ultimate destination. 


National Bird

Rufous Hornero

The Rufous Hornero, the national bird of Argentina is a medium sized, square tailed and slightly decurved. The bird's second English name is Red Ovenbird. The qualities that make this bird Argentina's National Bird are its strong feet, and the strong straight bill.

The name was given to the Bird as Red Ovenbird is because unlike other birds it builds the nest on an "oven" that is built of mud or dung. The bird has short and rounded wings that allow the bird to move from one place to the another over short distances. 


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