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Nations with Rich History

The human habitation in Australia is estimated to have between the 42000 and 48000 years ago. This habitation came into existence from the people migrating via bridges, and short-sea crossings from the South-east Asia. During the time of European settlement, in the late 18th century most of the homegrown Australians were hunter-gatherers.

Apart from its rich history, Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Australia, being the major backpacking and diving destinations; the country is also filled with incredible natural beauty from its rainforests to the untouched white sand beaches. Whereas, the Sydney’s Harbor Bridge and the iconic Opera House are some of the beautiful man-made wonders.

There are many things that will delight you and refresh your mood by taking you out of your daily routines.


Natural Scenic Beauty and
Man-Made Wonders

Australia is the most popular travel destinations has something for every traveler. From the natural scenic beauty of the iconic man-made wonders; Australia has something for all.


Australia is known for its Multi-Cultures.

The world's smallest continent and largest island; Australia is the land of dreams and is also known as the land of staggering contrast and spectacular beauty. The indigenous rock art is the most popular form of art and is very expensive as well. Australia is almost of the same size to that of the United States and with a population similar to that of the New York with some quirky animal wildlife. Along the coast, you can also explore vibrant multicultural cities of the country, trek through the ancient rainforests, safari across sand islands, and dive through the great barrier reef.

There are a number of places you can eye witness when at Australia. The most famous city of Australia, Sydney is known for its world famous opera house. Shaped like huge shells and is known as one of the World's great Architectural Sites. The arts in Australia like the film, theater, crafts, music, and painting has achieved national recognition.




Australia is known as the megadiverse country as it has a huge range of habitats from the tropical rainforests to alpine heaths. 
When the talk comes to the National Animal of the Country, well; the country has not proclaimed or adopted an official national animal. However, kangaroos and koalas are the two animals that have been seen growing in this part of the world. Moreover, the country's official animal is Kangaroo and the National bird is Emu. 


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