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The Ground of Columbus First Landfall

The country consists more than 700 islands. The Bahamas is the ground of Columbus first landfall in late 1492s. Later, the Bahamas became a British Crown Colony in the year 1718, when the Britishers clamped down on theft. However, the Bahamas became an independent Commonwealth realm in the year 1973. The Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the Americas.

The reason for the Bahamas being the richest countries in the Americas are its picture perfect beaches that help in increasing its economy via tourism and finance. There is a huge range of historical and natural scenic attractiveness and unlike other islands on the Carribean; Bahamas is very expensive. 


Attractive 700 Islands and 2400 Cays

The picture perfect beaches, historical, natural and cultural attractions of Bahamas attract visitors. 


Land of rushing music, dance, and arts.

In the places of the Bahamas that are less developed; handicrafts such as basketry are made from the palm leaves. This commonly called material; "straw" is then used for making braids for hats and bags that are some of the most famous tourist items. The other use of these straws is in the making of Voodoo dolls. Usually, during a festival named Junkanoo, the locals perform some folk magic called Obeah.

Junkanoo is basically an Afro-Bahamian street parade of rushing music, dance, and other art forms held at Nassau. The festival is also used for celebrating other holidays and festivals such as the Emancipation day. The Bahamas culture is rich with beliefs, traditions, legend, and folklore. There are many things that one can see and do in the Bahamas; from visiting Eleuthera to learning the history of Pirates of Nassau. You can visit Harbour Island, indulge yourself at Atlantis, eat at the fish fry, hang out at port Lucaya, and much more. 


National Bird


The Bahamas has its national bird named as flamingoes, these log legged flamingoes are found in three major nesting groups in the West Indian region. The word flamingo comes from Portuguese and Spanish. Flamingos usually stand on one leg keeping the other tucked beneath their body. Flamingoes are very social birds and they live in colonies that can vary from a few counts to thousands. 


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