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Country With Rich Culture

Officially known as the Hellenic Republic, Greece is historically known as Hellas; is a country located in the South Eastern Europe. The country's capital is Athens is the nation's largest city pursued by Thessaloniki. Greece is known as the cradle of Western Civilization as it is the birth place of Western philosophy, democracy, western literature, the Olympic Games, political science, and western drama.

The country is democratic and developed with a quite high-income economy, high quality of life and a very high standard of living. Greece is also one of the founding members of United Nations and was the tenth member of the European Communities. It is also a home to the first advanced civilizations in Europe.


Rich Oceanic and
Scenic Beauty

The Culture, the friendly locals, Oceanic and Scenic beauty makes the country loved by all and one of the most alluring travel destinations.


The Country Offers Affordable Touring

The Greece culture has evolved from thousands of years. Beginning from the Mycenaean Greece and continuing to the Classical Greece. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations, from the romantic islands to great food; Greece has something to present for all. The rich heritage and wonderful people of Greece make this place the #1 choice for people from over the globe. The love for Greece is established due as the country is warm, is cheap, it has delicious food, and above all the friendly locals.

Everything one has ever seen or heard about Greece is true and the country is exceedingly recommended to be visited once. Greece is not only known for its oceanic and scenic beauty, friendly locals, distinct architecture but also its affordable tours.




Yes, it is true that this ultimate and one of the most friendly marine creature is the symbol that is used to represent Greece. Talking etymologically, the word "dolphin" came from the ancient Greek delphis, itself related with a womb.

However, many myths are there that create confusion for people if the national animal is a phoenix or a dolphin. Which is somehow, partially true that the Phoenix is Greece national bird. While it might be quite surprising having such a mythical creature as the national animal; still the country is not the only one but there are many, one of them is Scotland. Scotland's national animal is the unicorn but we often get deviated.


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