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The Italian Republic

Officially the Italian Republic, the country is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The country shares its open land borders with the countries like Switzerland, France, Vatican City, Austria, Slovenia, and San Marino. The country is also the fourth most populous member of the EU member state. The country's commercial and political powers significantly started diminishing with the opening of the Atlantic Trade Route.

However, today Italy has the third largest GDP in the euro zone and the eighth largest in the world. As an advanced economy, Italy also ranks as the sixth largest country in worldwide national wealth. The country also has a very high rate of human development and ranks sixth for life expectancy in the world.


The Fabulous Wine
and Great Food

The country's ultimate food and fabulous wine and long history make it one of the most chosen vacation destinations.


Art, Culture, and Literature

The country was divided for centuries by politics and geography until its conditional unification took place in the year 1861, Italy has developed a unique culture, shaped by the multitude of regional customs and local centers of patronage and power. Italy has UNESCO World Heritage Centers than any other country in the globe.

The country has a rich collection of art, culture, and literature. Italy's great food, wine, extensive culture, and a vast history makes it a superb vacation destination. The country offers its visitors to relax on the lakes, drive around the heel, discover Rome and much more to do.



The Wolf

Italy has the highest number of faunal biodiversity, with more than 57000 species discovered so far. Wolf is the national animal of Italy, this creature belongs to the family of Canidae, together with animals like dogs, dingoes, and jackals. The wolf is a social animal that loves to walk in groups and the group is lead by a pair of helpmate pair. This ultimate animal can survive in a vast range of habitats.


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