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The Second Largest Economy

The Japanese word for Japan is pronounced as Nihon or Nippon and it literally means the origin of the sun. Earlier to the adoption of word Nihon, the other terms that were used were "Yamato" and "Wakoku". Japan first appeared in written history in of the Chinese "Book of Han".

Japan has a total of 6,852 islands; stretching along the Pacific Coast of East Asia. The population in Japan went from 35 million in 1873 to approximately 70 million in 1935. Japan, in the year 1947 adopted a new constitution that emphasizes new liberal democratic practices. However, later Japan made to become the second largest country known for having the second largest economy.


Rich in
Arts & crafts

Japan is filled with opportunities to become immersed in its culture.


The Most Amazingand Beautiful Country

Though the country is very expensive, Japan is one of the most amazing, beautiful, and friendliest countries of the world. Japan has all its hi-tech world that is mixed with the politeness of respect to their past. It's mouth-watering food, zen gardens, rich historical cultures, majestic temples, and lush national parks make it one of the most beloved countries for travel freaks. It's undoubtedly a wonderful place; while it might be an expensive country to visit; there are a plethora of ways to make this place affordable.

The country is rich in arts and crafts; the traditional Japanese arts include crafts such as textiles, ceramics, dolls, and swords. Japan has so far developed tangible and intangible Cultural Properties and National Treasures.



Green Pheasant

The national animal of Japan is Green Pheasant. The animal has its scientific name as Phasianus Versicolor. Pheasants are very close relatives of wild chickens, quails, and partridges. Till date, around 35 species of the animal have been discovered. These animals are found all over the Eurasia and North America as well. The Green Pheasant is quite inherent to the people of Japan and the bird's population is quite vast in the country.


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