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The Russian Federation

Officially also known as the Russian Federation is a very vast country in the Eurasia. The country is the largest in the world in terms of surface area. The country covers more than one-eighth of the total surface area of the Earth's inhabited land, however, the country is counted as the ninth populous country in terms of population with over 144 million people inhabited. Russia's capital; Moscow is one of the largest cities in the world.

The ancestors of modern Russia are the Slavic tribes, whose traditional home by many of the scholars was considered to be in the wooded areas of Pinsk Marshes. Russia, most importantly the North European Russia and Siberia has a Subarctic Climate. The country shares its borders with Norway, Finland, Poland, Latvia, and Estonia.


The Beautiful

Russia has enormous natural wonders and attractions that amuse its visitors by filling hearts with joy.


World's Largest Country

Whether you are a culture vulture in hunt of great inspirations from great artists, writers or adventure addicts. The world's largest country offers it all; from the historic cities to the idyllic countryside and from the artistic riches to the vodka-fuelled nightlife. Russia has several of the world's greatest museums specifically in the field of visual arts.
Moreover, Russia natural adventures are impressive and it's worth seeing them; especially for the nature lovers. The popular destinations are far to the east in Siberia, with one of the most famous lakes known as the "jewel" of Russia.



Russian Bear

The widespread symbol for Russia is the Russian Bear. This symbol is used in cartoons, dramatic plays, articles and many other methods that are used for the publicity. The bear image was however used on various occasions and is also taken up by the Russians themselves.
The bear is considered to symbolize many things that are believed to be inherited traits of the people that live in Russia. However, this never illustrates the attractive aspects of anyone's characters; the bear also symbolizes strength and endurance that the Russian people are particularly proud of.


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