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The Republic of Turkey

The country is officially known as the Republic of Turkey. It is a transcontinental country in Eurasia. This alluring country is bordered by eight countries Greece, Bulgaria. Georgia, Armenia, Iraq, and Syria and is encircled by sea on three sides. The country's capital is Akara whereas the largest city is Istanbul that is also the largest commercial and cultural hub of the country. Approximately 70-80% of country's population identify themselves as the cultural Turks.

Turkey has a complete structure in charge of administration and this visible feature of the country is one of the most important factors for shaping the Turkish public administration. Further, for this unitary framework is subdivided into 81 provinces for the administrative purposes; each province is later sub divide for a total of 923 districts.


Blend of Varied

Turkey is a mixed bag of European, Asian and Middle-Eastern cultures.


Turkey is a country of vast culture

Turkey is a land of vast culture that is a blend of Turkic, Ottoman, Anatolian, and the Western Culture. As Turkey is a mixed bag of European, Asian and Middle-Eastern cultures; if you hang around the west too long you might feel that the place is just another over touristed extension of the Europe. Coming to the music; the music of turkey includes mainly the Rurick elements as well as some partial influences ranging from the central Asian folk music, Greek music, Arabic Music, Ottoman music, Balkan music, and the Persian music. Apart from this, many of the Turkish cities have vibrant local music; supporting numerous musical styles. The country also has a vibrant and huge folkloric dance culture.



Gray Wolf

The national animal of Turkey is the gray wolf. Often the gray wolf is referred to as timber wolf and western wolf. Whereas the wolf's scientific name is Canis lupus. The animal belongs to the family of Canidae and class of Mammalia. It is also one of the most active animals of the dog family. The wolf is of gray color and sometimes dark gray as well; is bushy with long hair and sometimes is often seen in bone white, red or brown colors.


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