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Amazing Alaska

As the country is big, so too is its beauty. The natural beauty of Alaska can be enjoyed while paddling, hiking, and fishing in the great outdoors, especially at the national and state parks as these are some of the largest in the United States.

Moreover, there are a number of tourist destinations and museums in the major centers of Alaska. Wherever your trip may take you, the range of Alaska is sure to impress.

Amazing Places in Alaska

Denali National Park

Largest National Park

In the Northern Region of the Alaska Range; the Denali National Park is one of the largest in the United States and it encompasses the North Americas' highest mountains. The Denali is the 20,320-foot elevated peak. A single road leads to the park and only the park approved buses are allowed to pass through the road. The six million acres of Denali Park contains spectacular views of wide river valleys, tundra, glacier draped mountains, and high alpine ranges.

Tracy Arm Fjord

Glaciers Surrounded Fjord

An awesome Fjord surrounded by glaciers; the Tracy Arm is located to the south of Juneau. The destination is popular for boat and cruise ships tours. The waterfalls topple down the rocky walls and the glaciers calve off creating small ice bergs. However, the Fjord offers only a small slice of the glacier viewing of Alaska. Other tourists' favorite glaciers include the Glacier Bay National Park, northwest of Juneau, and Prince William Sound near Anchorage.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Offering Best Excursions

Protecting much of the Fjord coastline of the Kenai Peninsula; national park offers some of the best excursions in Alaska. Not only the panoramas it takes in the many glaciers of the Harding Icefield.

Alaska Highway

Built During World War II

The Alaska Highway runs from the Dawson Creek in British Columbia through the Yukon Territory to Fairbanks. The highway was built in the year 1942, during the World War II, in the record time of only 8 months. After the end of the war, the highway has become the favorite route by land to the Yukon territory and is very popular amongst the RV travelers.

Inside Passage

Passage of Wonderful Sceneries

The most famous way for visiting the Inside Passage is to cruise through the fjords on large ships, charter boats, and private yachts. This region of South East Alaska offers wonderful sceneries, that includes glaciers, oceans, and mountains. The area is also a home to an abundance of wildlife.

Along the coastal passage, the Tongass National Forest covers an area of about 17 million acres include the islands, fjords, glaciers, waterfalls, and fjords. In forests is the Prince of Wales Island that is one of the largest islands in the U.S. The major towns along the route are the Sitka, Skagway, and Ketchikan.

Northern Lights Alaska

Largest National Park

One of the Alaska's attractions to its dark winters is its Glowing Northern Lights that appears on many nights from September to mid of April. One can get the best eye-witness the aurora borealis from the Fairbanks area. The peak time to watch the solar particles in the earth's magnetic field is after midnight. The awesome view of aurora borealis helps visitors keeping themselves warm in the frigid season.

Arctic Circle Tourser

Perfect Day Trip Location

At 66 degrees and 33 minutes of latitude, you can reach the imaginary line of the Arctic Circle where the summer means 24 hours of daylight and winter means 24 hours of darkness. Some visitors prefer taking day trips or some longer trips to the tundra; either by air or by land on the Dalton Highway.

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

Magnificent National Park

The Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is the largest and most magnificent national park of Alaska. The park has nine out of 16 highest peaks in the United States. This grand mountain region on the frontier with Canada contains a number of lakes, glaciers, mountains, and is home to a vast variety of wildlife as well. If you are a climber, water sports enthusiasts, and Walker; the place is outstanding and is meant for you.

Totem Bight State Historic Park

Tradition Dying Out

In late 1938, the US Forest services decided to begin a project to salvage, reconstruct, and create totem poles- a tradition that was dying out. Funds were used for hiring engravers for restoring or recreating the deserted totem poles. The benefit of this process is that the skills can be transferred to their younger generation's members. There is more totem pole details and heritage available at the town's Totem Heritage Center.

Seward, Alaska

Abundant Wildlife

The journey to Seward is as beautiful as the town itself. Situated on the Kenai Peninsula, Seward possesses both the scenic town and an unparalleled natural beauty. You can take a day boat from Seward to National Park and enjoy the abundant wildlife, tidewater glaciers, and stunning fjords. While departing from the Kenai Peninsula, avid wildlife watchers head to the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, that is established for protecting the Kodiak bear and other rare animals.

Mendenhall Glacier

13 Miles Long Glacier

NO journey to Juneau is complete without having a closer look at the Mendenhall Glacier. The Juneau icefield's most alluring ambassador, the 13 miles long Mendenhall Glacier ends at the Mendenhall Lake and can be easily eye witnessed from the Forest Service's historic visitor center.


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