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Charming Islands

These ultimate islands crave the dreams of paradise; it offers an escape from the rat race. These islands are a perfect patch of and where one can relax under the rustling palm trees. From the Maldives to Fiji and the Seychelles to Santorini; you can find your very own captivating bliss at any of these.

The Elegant Islands


Luminous Aquamarine Waters

The place is home to some of the most ravishing islands but the real ingredient behind its beauty is the sea. The Luminous aquamarine waters of the sea with some crystal clarity circuit are upon these dazzling white shores, that rarely peek above the Indian Ocean. The planet's archipelago is as the planet's lowest-lying nation, that rises no more than three meters above the sea level.

Bora Bora

French Polynesia

The island is shaped like a giant hat, the focal point and the best asset of this tropical beauty is its attractive lagoon. Shark, fishes, turtles all swim in the clear waters of Bora Bora. The island is undoubtedly distinctly French with some of the most mouthwatering dishes and ishes to eat. Snorkeling and diving are superb in the surrounding reefs and some of the adventurous hiking trails weave through the palm-studded forests. If your pocket allows than you must try staying at the over-the-water bungalow and can bask your great fortune as you fall asleep in the lap of the gentle slosh of the sea.


Lush Limestone Peak

Palawan is the Philippines answer to the paradise, the island stretches from lush limestone peaks that rise up from the jewel-like sea that is so clear. The sea is so clear that you can even experience watching the expressions of fishes down in the clear water. The silvers of the gleaming white sand edged with the chain of rustling palm trees, while under the water; the coral reefs flourish with an impressive diversity of some of the most elegant tropical fishes.


Unspoiled Archipelago

The pristine and picture perfect; the Seychelles is worth experiencing. Located to the east of Kenya, this ultimate and relatively unspoiled archipelago of 115 granite and coral islands feature UNESCO listed jungles thriving the coral reefs and the powdery beaches that are flanked by huge rocks. The land also features some of the most attractive fish rich marine sanctuaries with some of the best snorkeling and diving opportunities.


Dramatic Beauty

Circumscribing a sea-filled. The spectacular place scores top points for its world famous dramatic beauty. The blue-domed churches rise just opposite to the gleaming sea. The spray of the sparkling bougainvillea adds vibrant colors to the canvas of color. Sits atop the black lava cliffs, the ultimate settlements of Firá and Oia are the island's most picturesque destinations. The black beach of Persia and the ultimate sublime sunsets makes the place stand out of the crowd. Sailing into this ultimate caldera that is surrounded by soaring sea cliffs makes an unforgettable first impression.

The Cook Islands

Famous Aquamarine Lagoons

If you have ever thought of being cast away in the South Pacific then the cook islands are meant for you. Strung between the French Polynesia and the Samoa but with some of the strongest ties to New Zealand, the archipelago's 15 islands are famous for their aquamarine lagoons, volcanic peaks, and palm-fringed beaches. The Rarotonga is the main tourist hub with its number of resorts, plentiful beaches, and lush peaks. Aitutaki boasts the beauty of Bora Bora without any price tag.


Turquoise Waters

One of the Australia's go-to tropical region; Fiji ricks all the fantasy island boxes. The white sand beaches of Fiji, teeming coral reefs and the translucent turquoise waters are all here found in abundance. The Fijian people welcome their guests with friendly and warm smiles on their faces. You can enjoy diving, snorkeling, surfing in the most fantastic ways and fishing as well. Lying under the palm trees and later slipping into the silky and warm sea water can be equally pleasing. There are more than 300 islands and it is really easy for their visitors to find the best one for themselves. The people of Fiji love younger ones, hence the place is the perfect destination for the families that are looking to relax.

St. Lucia

Brooding Beauty

The St. Lucia displays a very dark and brooding beauty. Dissimilar to the other Caribbean islands, the best assets are not the beaches. Moreover, the golden sands and the graceful palm trees are very popular among those who visit St. Lucia. The bristling forest of the coconut palms, quaint fishing villages, nature trails, waterfalls, and the healing hot springs are just some of the best sites to be explored here. The French influences of the island also leave a great impact to its exotic appeal.

Whitsunday Islands


Scattered along the World Heritage-listed the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsunday Islands are the Australia's form of the classic tropical island fantasy. These alluring 74 lush islands are the peaks of drowned hills that rise above the strikingly blue Coral Sea. This is an extremely delicate ecosystem that is protected by six national parks and the destination also allows you experiencing some of the islands on the hiking trails. The accommodation ranges from eco-retreats, beachfront campsites, and the lovely family resorts.

Ko Phi Phi


In the Ko Phi Phi, it's a small archipelago in the Krabi district of Thailand. Being pushed very hard by the tsunami in the year 2004, Ko Phi Phi has now managed to recover. The natural beauty of Ko Phi Phi is super alluring; the Ko Phi Phi Don is the only inhabited island that offers day trips to the surrounding islands. The other popular activities that you can do here are swimming, superb diving, and snorkeling. Once here, don't miss a chance visiting the monkey beach that is famous for its cheeky namesake residents.


White Sand Beaches

The blissful white sand beaches, mouthwatering cuisines, the rugged coastal peaks, ancient archeological treasures, and an exclusive blend of cultures; is there anything that should be loved about the saucy Italian isle? Many of the travelers have heard about the glamorous Costa Smeralda or the Emerald Coast and the best part are its craggy coves and the clear green seas. This large and captivating isle also lays claim to many other attractions. While here, be sure that you cruise along some of the best scenic coastal drives and try soaking up into the spectacular views of Sardinia.

St. Barts

Alluring Beaches

The destination is stunningly beautiful but is underestimated. St. Barts tempts movie stars and the moguls from over the globe for its alluring beaches. This charming island is capable of offering a luscious taste with an easygoing charm that discriminated travelers love. The glamorous blond beaches that curve around its coastline that is backed by rolling green hills. The privacy that you get here and the seclusion are the St. Barts top selling points.


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