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Alluring Waterfalls

Waterfalls overwhelm with their infinite water flow and tremendous beauty. The stunning sights and splitting voice adds wonder to one's mood and rejuvenates people by taking them away from their day to day hectic schedules. Waterfalls are nature's grace at its peak and getting a chance visiting few of them is none less than a breathtaking experience.

Elegant Yet Tremendous Waterfalls

Iguazu Falls


Iguazu Falls are located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. These falls are not very high and are elevated to approx. (285 ft/87 m). The view of Iguazu Falls is awesome as it has 275 cascaded flowing from the horseshoe that stretches to over 8858ft (2700 m). Iguazu Falls are the largest waterfall system of the world. The fall dives the river into upper and lower Iguazu.

Angel Falls


Angel Falls is the highest fall in the world; falling down to an uninterrupted 3,212 ft (979 m). Oe can visit the place in Canaima National Park, that is protected by UNESCO. These falls are named after its adventurous discoverer US aviator Jimmie Angel. The fascinating world of Canaima National Park is the perfect combination of magical views and reality that is shaped by breathtaking mountains that are called as Tepuys.

Kaieteur Falls


This ultimate fall is found in Guyana; here water falls for over 741 ft (226 m), and sooner it reaches the first of the many sharp cascades. These waterfalls attract many tourists who are ready for experiencing adventurous trips. Since the fall is in middle of the wilderness with zero urban amenities; it attracts many tourists with its natural grace and beauty.

Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is most probably the most famous waterfall in the world. The fall is found in the US and Canada border. The falls is formed of two sections- the American Falls on the American side and the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side; both these sides are separated by an island. The horseshoe falls are more impressive and the water here drops 173 ft (53 m), whereas the American falls drop only about 70–100 ft (21–30 m).

Gullfoss (Golden Falls)


This magnificent waterfall is located in southwest Iceland. The fall isn't particularly high; about two 36 ft/11 m and 68 ft/21 m plunges. However, the fall is very beautiful; due to a division, the river Hvítá seems to disappear into the abyss. Gullfoss's water is brownish as it carries a lot of sediments that the glacial ice has incised. Standing near Gullfoss and gazing the beauty that mother nature has gifted is rejuvenating.

Plitvice Falls


The Plitvice Falls in Croatia one of the most popular tourist attraction in Croatia received UNESCO World Heritage in the year 1979. The fall is located roughly between the capital cities Zagreb and Zadar on the coast, the lakes are one of the must see in Croatia. They are not so high waterfalls but the view is stunning as hundreds of cascade waterfalls. The color of the water varies from crystal clear to azure and turquoise.

Yosemite Falls


Known as the highest falls of North America; the fall drops to around 2,425 ft (739 m) is located in the Sierra Nevada of California. The waterfall's source of water is melting snow therefore often the stream discontinues due to a lesser amount of snow. Yosemite is a home to countless waterfalls and the best time to eye witness this ultimate waterfall is the spring season as during this period most of the snowmelt occurs.

Knohkalikai Falls


Nohkalikai Falls is one of the major tourist destinations in India. The waterfalls around 1100 ft (335 m) down, however, the feeding stream is only about 1,5 mi (2 km) long. A soothing pool is later formed below the fall whose water receives green color. The fall can be best viewed during monsoons when the falls is at its most spectacular view.


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