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Yes, we all want a romantic vacation! A place where the loved ones can fall in love again and again. Where they can feel good being together, a place where they can relax in each other's arms. So, here is a list of such dreamlands that will make you fall in love; not only with each other but with nature as well!

Let's Fall in Love Again!


Italian Region

Tuscany is the region in the central Italy and with an area of over 23,000 square kilometers. The city is known for its landscapes, history, ethics, tradition, and the artistic legacy. The city is known as the birthplace of the Italian Rebirth that has been home to figures that are influential in the history of arts and science. The villas, historic town, vineyards, and the ultimate historic Italian towns the whole city is a romantic adventure. You can enjoy your stay at the exotic and historic villas, bike through the best vineyards to drink and get a chance of eating the best food. Nothing is more important and more romantic in Italy than Tuscany.

Taj Mahal


The Taj Mahal is a white marble mausoleum that is located in Agra and is known as the symbol of love. The beautiful monument speaks for itself. The monument is truly a wonder that speaks for itself. The Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan in the memory of his third wife, Mumtaz. The monument is also considered as one of the most admired masterpieces of the world's heritage.


ItalyEast Africa

The Seychelles is a 115-island country that spans an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. To some 1,500 kilometers east of the mainland Africa. These islands are off the coast of Africa and some of the most romantic people spend their time here. The place is exotic and is totally out of the way. These features of Seychelles make this place a great place for getting close to your loved one.

St. Thomas

Virgin Islands

St. Thomas is located in the Virgin Islands this ultimate destination is known for its romantic beaches and the awesome shopping opportunities. Though it is only of the 32 square miles in size, on the other hand; the city has millions of opportunities to do and see. You can enjoy shopping together, sailing, and sightseeing. There are limited party scenes here, but it's worth looking into your partner's eyes at such a romantic place!


Central America

Belize is located on the Northeastern Coast of the Central America. The islands that are on the reef, they give couples a chance of escaping from everyone and letting them enjoy the fish-filled waters. Else you can also enjoy the palm trees and the lovely beaches. The mainland is about 290 km long and 110 km wide.



Tahiti is the largest island in the Windward group of the French Polynesia. Located in the archipelago of the southern Pacific Ocean, beach bungalows in the ocean that allows people to experience a nice early morning swim. Couples can rest while lying on the white sand beaches and enjoy watching the swaying palm trees. Deeply, the colorful sunsets are finishing off each day in paradise.


South Asia

Maldives is an island nation that lies in the Indian Ocean and consists a double chain of twenty-six atolls, their orientation is from north to south that lies between the Minicoy Island and the Chagos Archipelago. These little coral atolls lie barely above the sea water level. This ultimate destination is undoubtedly a place for an upscale romantic getaway.



The city in the northeastern Italy is located on a group of small-small 118 islands that are separated by canals and interlinked by bridges. The Venice is known for its beauty, its architecture, and its artworks. The place will make you fall in love again and again. You can get chances to have some romantic dine in fancy Italian restaurants. You can ride down the lanes while cuddling your loved one and watch the beauty of Venice as you go by.


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