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Awesome Finland

The inspired designs, loving food, stirring technology, and the finer things, these all ingredients together get connected with the stretches of Europe's wilderness. It's a place where summer's endless light balances winter's eerie frozen magic. The country is a fully modern welfare state with some of the most well-planned towns and cities.

Most Beautiful Spots You Need to Visit in Finland

Lake Saimaa

Largest Lake District

During the hot summer days, the Finns look for places to escape and beat the heat. The people here look for the places that are peaceful and try surrounding themselves with nature as much as possible. Many of them own private cottages and try spending days by picking up the berries, swimming and they just enjoy being outdoors. Saimaa that is located in the Finnish Lake District is famous as the country's largest lake district.


Longest Beaches

The place is home to the Finland's longest beaches that stretches for almost four miles on the western Baltic shores. The location is known for beautiful sand dunes and is country's one of the most popular destinations of the summer season. Moreover, there are many events and public gatherings that are frequently hosted on the beaches throughout the season. Yyteri is located on the outskirts of the city Pori. This ultimate city is known internationally for its Jazz Festival.

Nuuksio National Park

Exclusive Nature Trails

At Nuuksio, you can ski, swim, camp, fish, hike, and can also experience a little bit of wilderness inside the city. The Park is located within the Helsinki’s metropolitan area and is easily accessible by using a public transportation. The park has some exclusive nature trails and some of the most elegant camping sites; offering to those who are in need of a breath of fresh air.

Koli National Park

The Rejuvenating Place

Koli National Park is located from where it overlooks the lake Pielinen and has become Finland's one of the most magnificent views. The lake is situated at the Northern Karelia, bordering Russia to the east of Finland. One can experience the elegant view from the top of the Koli's highest hill, called as the called Ukko-Koli. This rejuvenating place is also an attractive destination that is known for outdoor activities like hiking.


The Fascinating Fortress

Suomenlinna is actually a sea fortress that is located on a group of islands that are connected with each other with the means of bridges. The fortress is quite old and dates back to 1700s and is also a UNESCO world heritage site. 15 minutes of public ferry goes back and forth between the Helsinki’s Market Square and the Suomenlinna. The fortress is fascinating and a number of hours could be easily spent here experiencing the fortress.

Turku Archipelago


There are more than 20000 islands and skerries on the Baltic Sea on the outskirts of the southwestern city of Turku, that makes up the Turku Archipelago. Some of these can be reached by bicycle, ferries or boats. The best outdoor activities of Turku include kayaking, fishing, tennis, watersports, and golf. Turk is the oldest city in Finland and is the former capital of the country. Apart from its scenic beauty, the country also holds some of the most amazing events that are held here.


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