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Organic Spa Cities

Looking for some rest and relaxation? Whether these are the post-holiday blues or the grim weather, the start of any year tends to be the bit of a challenge. But there is nothing to worry about, we have got the things to get you through!

Romantic Organic Spa Cities in Europe



The city has got a bit of the reputation a the land for partying, but there is much at Mallorca that can be witnessed with eye. While scratching beneath the surface you'll find one of the best organic spa destinations in Europe. The city is filled with a treasure trove of tucked away retreats that are surrounded by amazing Spanish scenery. One of the best destinations here is the Son Brull, that was a former monastery. Now, it has been renowned as a luxury hotel and spa in the foothills of Tramuntana Mountains.



The town never seems to lose its cool, regardless of the fact that a number of visitors flock to its lovely beaches, trendy restaurants, and the clubs each summer. The town has been a home or second to a number of artists, intellectuals, writers, and more due to its appealing vibrant culture. Moreover, the windswept beaches and the glittering waters offer the backdrop of a perfect beach gateway.



Crete is the birthplace of Western philosophy which is a true treat to mind, body, and soul. The largest of all the Greek islands, Crete is known for its fantastic culture and unusual landscapes. The place is widely known for pampering one's heart. What are you waiting for? Book your flight today and enjoy the Six Senses Spa in the small town of Elounda. This place is also known for its natural treatments, the coriander, cinnamon, and walnut.



The Lagoons, hot springs, and the thermal spas; this is what Iceland is mainly known for. Grindavik is a quaint fishing town in the south of Iceland; the place is country's best spa destination. Although, spoiler alert; its flagship resort, the Blue Lagoon Spa, is actually man-made! But this doesn't make this place less appealing. Head to the lagoon today and experience its silica mud mask treatment.

County Mayo


Has to be seen to be believed!

The country's mix of rugged beauty and the natural charm makes it indifferent. Possibly, the all immense charm and breathtaking scenery nowhere than the unique landscape could be best represented than in County Mayo. don't scream about it but Ireland is something much like a spa destination averaging excellence. The Ice House Hotel in the Ballina that is Ireland's one of the greatest exports; seaweed is put to good use in the resort’s healing and hydrating treatments. Being Mayo's largest town, there is more to explore in Ballina, including restaurants, quayside walks, and great bars.


United Kingdom

Newquay was once known as the party town. The place was popular for attracting the fair share of hen and the stag dos. The town is now shaking off its dark reputation and is being increasingly known for its spa retreats. The place has now become nation's favorite seaside towns. The Newquay's Scarlet Hotel Spa is known as one of the best spa destinations in the Cornwall. The is a fully fledged eco-retreat, the hotel's swimming pool is 100% free of chemicals and is cleaned by reeds.


United Kingdom

Many of the places claim to have been home to spas for more than hundreds of years, but bath leads the lot. The archeological evidence suggests that there has been the human activity around the hot springs on which bath is built from the 8000 BC! The bonafide world heritage spa city is carrying a fully fledged organic spa industry that is known for attracting visitors from across the globe. The Thermae Bath Spa is Britain's one and only natural thermal spa whose treatments are known for using organic ingredients that include regionally sourced rose and geranium.


Czech Republic

Have you ever heard of a beer spa? At Prague, guests are invited to submerge themselves in beer in an authentic way. The Prague, Bernard Beer Spa, that has a halotherapy salt cave. The bounces are rich in vitamin B and are really superb for exhibiting clearer, smooth skin while getting rid of those annoying dead skin cells.



Are you in search of an old-world Italian charm?

Puglia is the gem in southern Italy's crown and is fastly becoming the country's must-visit place. So, get here before the crowd arrives. The pastoral farmlands and a picture postcard coast make Puglia one of Italy's most visited regions. Just head towards the Borgo Egnazia Hotel for the traditional Puglian architecture and the modern designs. A spa retreat along with a huge area of the 1,800-square-metre wellness center, swimming pools, tennis court, as well as the Arabic-themed gardens.



The place is also known as a wine destination, but the destination is also celebrated for its spa retreats. You can move with blending both with a visit to what is thought as the world's one and only vinotherapy spa. There you can enjoy luxurious spa treatments while sipping some great wines. These are all centered around the site's hot springs that might go 500 meters under the earth. Do you really think that spa and wine treatments can't mix? Think twice! The Caudalie specializes in a crushed Cabernet scrub that is thought to be great for countering skin damages that are caused by the pollutants.



This ultimate Spanish island is another destination that is unfairly tagged as a 'party destination'. Indeed, the destination is a place of unmatched sceneries, great culture, architecture, buzzing bars, and the fantastic spas. The most visited place is Nammu Spa; that is spread over 2500 square meters of holistic spa-ness that helps in soothing and improving body, soul, and mind. So, why should one wait for getting themselves treated with the banana face mask, that includes fruits plucked right from the spa's tropical gardens?


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