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Portugal Beaches

Undoubtedly, Portugal has been a fantastic destination for beach seekers, with many beautiful spots along its shore. In between of the mainland, the Azores, and Madeira Island, there are a number of destinations like sandy shores, rocky cliffs, and spectacular views to pick from.

Most Stunning Beaches in Portugal

Praia de Benagil

Algarve, Portugal

The most photographed and iconic caves in the Algarve is located near Carvoeiro in a fishing village called Benagil. The Algar de Benagil is the main standout of the local beach and the Algar De Benagil is the main standout of the local beach. here traveling by boat is the easiest, as it is only accessible by boat.

Praia da Marinha

Atlantic Coast, Portugal

The beach is located in Lagoa, the Praia da Marinha is another typical and striking Algarve-like beach, the beach is covered in soft sand and is also fringed with colorful cliffsides. It is also listed among the least busy spots of the area, perhaps, it is only really accessible by car that is followed by climbed down many steps along with the cliffsides. For those, who are preparing a trip should bring their snorkel gear in addition to tanning supplies; as Praia da Marinha enjoys calmer waters that are perfect for swimming the day away.

Praia Zambujeira do Mar


Closer to the tourist centers is Praia da Rocha located at Portimão; the beach is not only beautiful and large but is also conveniently close to the hotels, restaurants, cafés, and bars. The place is also considered as one of the Algarve’s best resort beaches.

Portinho da Arrabida


Just under an hour of the south of Lisbon is the Serra da Arrabida, that is a popular hiking spot that is wrapped with stunning beaches along the mountainsides. Among the top choices is the Portinho da Arrabida with its multi-hued water with white sands. Near the Portinho da Arrabida, there are a number of fishing villages, where visitors can enjoy classic Portuguese cuisine and culture.

Praia do Guincho

Estoril Coast, Portugal

Located between Cascais and the Sintra mountains near Lisbon, Praia do Guincho is one of the most wilder and rugged beaches. It is a popular spot for surfers of all kinds and is much loved by the locals. This isn't one of the popular beaches that could be reached by public transportation. Since the train and buses are required from Lisbon but are a great spot to seek out if you're planning to drive with friends and are in need of waves.

Praia da Miramar

Greater Porto, Portugal

The Capela do Senhor da Pedra is the beautiful solitary chapel that usually sits on a rocky stage and it adds an extra allure to the Praia da Miramar in northern Portugal. However, the beach around the chapel is large that is often left uncrowded that offers exceptional sunsets.


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