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Deadly Roads

Driving on Indian hilly regions is like walking on a thread. You have to be exceptionally attentive and careful because of the worst road conditions can test even the most seasoned drivers. However, if you have ever tried driving on these deadly roads, then you deserve being awarded. These deadly roads are undoubtedly the passes to hell.

Most zigzagged Roads of India

Zoji La Pass

Dreadfully Narrow

Your single blink of the eye will land you directly 3,538 meters down! The road is one of the deadliest roads in India as it is dreadfully narrow and remains covered with snow round the season. The pass is one of the major highways in the Ladakh and Kashmir.

National Highway 22

Highway to Hell

The National Highway 22 should be named "highway to hell" instead, as it is one of the scariest highways in India. The road here will make you move through the mountains; you can see death hanging over your head in the form of cliffs and tunnels all around. Even the history channel's "IRT Deadliest Roads" has also featured the place for its poor maintenance and hazardous conditions.

Chang La

Deadliest Road

Drivers are often found breathless and nausea while driving through this road. The route remains covered with snow throughout the year and is guarded by the army due to its proximity to the Chinese border. It is always advisable to carry a pair of extra warm clothes and a medical kit with you as the climatic conditions may go extremely harsh.

Leh-Manali Highway

Move With Snail's Speed

Moving on this route is a huge pain, as the route remains packed with traffic and never lets you move above the snail's speed. When the snow full roads thaw the ice heaves, several vehicles have encountered severe irreparable damage.

The Munnar Road

Experience Twisty Turns

The Munnar Road has twisty turns and high slopes. The sweet aroma of fresh tea leaves floats through the air. On the way, you will be disturbed by the crazy drivers who drive on a smooth pass as it were a motorbike runway.

The Three Level Road

Send Your Head to Fuss

Located in the mountain ranges of Sikkim, this zigzagged road makes the most of the scenic beauties than any other road can do. At a height of 11,200 ft above the sea level, these mountains give the best view of the himalayan crown. The curvy roads of this three level zig zag road will send your head to fuss; never matters if you are sitting on the front seat or on the backseat. For passing through the road you are required to have some special permits as this road is not meant for the fearful.

Khardung La Pass

Steep Hairpin Turns

Under the Army's close inspection, this pass is enclosed with steep hairpin turns that could take even the most seasoned drivers to tizzies. The Khardung La Pass allows you to enter the Nurba valley and on the other hand, it remains closed from October to May.


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