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North Indian Food

Like the way things and places are overrated; food too can be! Here is a list of few of the mouth watering dishes from North India that is liked by many and you can should try eating these once when in North India.

Let’s Have Some Yummy Foodstuff

Paneer Pakora

Nutrition and Taste

Globally, cottage cheese is considered as one of the healthiest foods. When cottage cheese is made into paneer pakora; the dish becomes a perfect blend of nutrition and taste. This aromatic dish can light up any dull evening and you can even have a great family time with some gossip sessions. The dish can be eaten with tomato sauce or green chili sauce and of course a cup of Masala tea.

Gol Gappe

Mouth Watering Water Balls

It is a common street snack that is famous in several regions of India. The name of the dish varies from region to region. A good plate of this ultimate dish is enough for refreshing one's senses and making you feel happy. The dish is undoubtedly light on stomach and high in flavor. The dish is undoubtedly light on stomach and high in flavor. Gol Gappas are mouth watering- water balls that blows all over your mouth with tangy water.

Chole Bhature

Lip-Smacking Dish

The dish is best enjoyed when you are on an empty stomach. Chole Bhature is one of the most popular Punjabi dishes. Don't get surprised if you get this dish in the top 10 numbers in breakfast menu of restaurants across the capital. The dish is spicy, heavy, and lip-smacking. Moreover, this lip-smacking dish can be found at all the local joints as well.

Bhel Puri

Irresistibly Yum

An aromatic north Indian dish made with puffed rice, onions, tomatoes, spices, and some hot chutney. This irresistibly yum dish is sweet at the same time is tangy with some crunch and is capable of blowing your mind in every expanse. You can find Bhel Puri vendors standing outside almost every office building or at every market in the locality.

Dim Sum

Yummy Veggie Pockets

The dish bags the price for being one of the most seasoned snacks. Be it in office, cocktail parties, or birthdays; Dim Sums are North Indians best of elegant dishes. You can find Dim Sum vendors standing outside almost every office building. The dish is available in both the aromatic vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Nitro Booster Tip: Locals refer this dish as Momos.

Butter Chicken

Aromatic Non-Vegetarian Dish

Here is the fact about the origin of one of the most aromatic dishes on the planet. The dish was originated in the late 1950's at Moti Mahal Restaurant. Cooks were known for their Tandoori Chicken cooking; once they accidentally tossed the sauce that was consisting butter, chicken juice, tomato with tandoori chicken pieces. This dish is now available at almost every non-vegetarian restaurant and can also be found at the highway dhabas. Butter Chicken is best enjoyed when enjoyed with eaten with rice or choice of bread like naan.

Shahi Paneer

Aromatic Vegetarian Dish

Have you ever wondered that what's so Shahi about Shahi Paneer? Yes, obviously there is nothing like becoming royals after finishing the bowls but yes, it is one of the best aromatic vegetarian dishes that is on the top list of paneer curries in India. The dish is made with a blend of cashew nuts, cream, cottage cheese, spices and condiments.


Including Sweetness

With the extensive choice of sweet dishes available in the North India; it becomes so hard to make a choice from or even to say a no to the desserts. From the sizzling hot jalebis and refreshing Kulfis available in various flavors to Rabri Falooda, Blueberry Cheesecakes, and pure desi ghee preparations- Motichoor Ladoos.

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