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Cruising Destinations

From Caribbean hot spots to quiet anchorages at the depth of the world. Have you ever wondered how cruises feel? Take a glimpse at the best cruising and sailing destinations in around the world with thElegant!

World's Most Scenic Cruises

Galapagos Islands

Cruise Past Volcanic Peaks

The island is located at almost 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, and the Island is virtually untouched by the human. These islands have so far fostered a number of species that are found nowhere else on the earth. Curious iguanas, Giant tortoises, Charles Darwin's famous finches, and the blue-footed boobies are some of the major attractions. You'll get chances of cruising past volcanic peaks and the beaches. They offer the opportunities like schmooze with some land critters, watch the birds and sharks or you can watch the birds contemplating the ongoing evolution in such wild spot. There is no special season for visiting the place and is suitable for the year-round visit.

The Kimberley

Rugged Red Cliffs

The rugged red cliffs of the place and the awesome white sands of northwestern Australia together make one of the wildest and the most beautiful coastlines in the world whereas the best coastlines are easily accessible by ships only. In this backcountry, where the Indian Ocean meets up with the Timor Sea, the remote islands escalate, the rivers and inlets lead to the isolated gorges, the majestic waterfalls that are as high as 328 feet, roving saltwater crocodiles, and towering rock faces; together make the place outstanding and one of the most charismatic spots for cruise.


Eye Witness Immense Glaciers

Cruising in the high passage and calm waters of Alaska is bliss! The Alaska passages offer an awesome sight seeing of immense glaciers that thunderously calve into the sea. The thing that might linger in your memory is the perfect vastness of the wilderness. While planning to cruise at Alaska you must keep your binoculars ready as you'll get to watch whales, eagles, and, if you're one of those luckiest ones, a grizzly as well!


Eye Witnessing Volcanoes

If you are island-hopping around the great Indian Ocean, passing through Mauritius, Reunion, and the Comoros, you'll be amused by eye witnessing volcanoes both extinct and active, dense forests, and some of the most pristine beaches and the abundant coral reefs in the world. The East African cruise experience peaks at Madagascar. The peaks are so big that it has been dubbed as the "eighth continent," and is also known for presenting the added allure of lemurs.

Milford Sound

Eighth Wonder of the World

Popularly known as “The eighth wonder of the world"; Rudyard Kipling called it as the Milford Sound. It is almost impossible to argue when you look at the ethereal beauty of the waterway that the Maori people discovered it more than a thousand years ago. In South Island’s Fjordland National Park, the sound cuts through steep cliffs carved by glaciers. Your ship might get close enough to a roaring waterfall for you to feel the spray.

New England

Red and Gold Views

You'll find here the colorful leaves that help in lighting up the Eastern Seaboard each of which falls are hosted by nature's best shows. Eye-witnessing the red and gold views from the sea is truly a refreshing alternative to traffic-clogged roadways. Cruises from here typically head to Canada while some seek out to a route that includes the tree-lined fjord of the Saguenay, which cuts through what is called as the oldest rocks on the planet earth.

Norwegian Fjords

The Stunning Waterways

The transparent Norwegian Fjords serve up with an embarrassment of the natural riches. These stunning waterways cut through 1,000-foot cliffs meanwhile revealing the snowcapped mountains, rolling lowlands, and some of the most awesome glacier-fed waterfalls. The charismatic views just keep on rolling on the way and continue well past dinnertime as you will be cruising with the midnight sun.

French Polynesia Cruise

White and Black Sand Beaches

The place is home to blue waters, white sand beaches, and lush green waters; this nature's combination makes up a great and breathtaking view in French Polynesia. There is nothing to wonder about the destination as it is such a popular destination for cruising. The ultimate and comfy cruise ships of French Polynesia often stop at ports like Tahiti, Huahine, and Bora Bora. The most amazing scenic destination here is Moorea Island. Just at a distance of 12 miles from Tahiti, this heart-shaped enriched by a lagoon of the azure blue Polynesian sea, and it has both the white and black sand beaches.

Windjammer Cruise Penobscot Bay


Windjammers in Maine are powered by the wind, the thirteen traditional sailing schooners together make up the Windjammer Association, and each of its vessel offers its unique cruise experience. Where many of the ships were built near the turn of the century and many amongst these are registered as the National Historic Landmarks.

These cruises depart and end in Penobscot Bay, its a protected body of water that is filled with a number of islands and is surrounded by miles of rugged Maine coast. No cruise is the same as the destinations are based on weather and the captain's whim.

French Riviera

Gorgeous Sceneries

The population that is being attracted by towards French Riviera are the artists. The Côte d’Azur stretches along the southeast corner of France and is known for its glamour, gorgeous scenery, and blue seas. Here the Mediterranean cruises visit key ports along the French Riviera including Cannes, Monaco, and Nice. One of the favorite spots here is the Villefranche, a small town in France. The top attractions here include the Chapelle St-Pierre, which has its painting by one of the most famous artists, "Jean Cocteau'.

Cruise Doubtful Sound

New Zealand

The destination is located in a remote section of New Zealand's South Island and Fiordland; the National Park is a national treasure. The destination is often called as the "Switzerland of the South Pacific". The place is known for its breathtaking sceneries, dramatic mountains, and the plentiful wildlife. Cruising around the Doubtful Sound is one of the best ways of exploring and experiencing the national park. The unspoiled wilderness of Doubtful Sound is a home to many bottlenose dolphins, the rare Fiordland Crested Penguins, and fur seals. However, here day cruises are also available.


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