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Budget Honeymoons

When one plans their perfect wedding day who of us wouldn't be looking for the dream honeymoon to come true? With these budget honeymoon destinations, you can count on your bucks without even compromising your "once in a lifetime" experiences.

Top 9 Budget Honeymoon Destinations


Best Budget Romance

Morocco is hard to beat for budget romance! A country with dizzying diversity and a gateway to Africa. Here you will explore epic mountains, sweeping deserts, and ancient cities. and of course their warm hospitality. Ethnically speaking, Morocco is a complete blend of Arabian exoticism, fragrant spices- and of course the lovely low prices. The shopping possibilities here, are plentiful, with everything available from carpets to babouches to be snapped up. Awesome converted riads offer accommodation with a great number of the atmosphere; some of them are pricey but many of them are astonishingly reasonable.


Land of Notable Diversity

A land with a notable diversity from its artistic culture and ancient traditions. Brace yourself up, you are going to get here your curiosity ignited, senses shook, and soul warmed! Traveling in India is quite inexpensive as even the budget ’mooners can afford first-class on India Rail. For instance- Delhi-Udaipur overnighter costs around US$20 second-class, and only US$10 more in the first-class sleeper.


Street Food Paradise

In Vietnam, you can spend your day in less than US$10 per day and still get to eat like a king. The country is known as a street food paradise. Make sure to try the city's signature dishes beef pho, bun cha and chow a bánh mì as you wander around the city. A mid-ranging trip won't disbalance your bank balance either. ;) Few bucks here will buy you more characterful guesthouses, a better Halong Bay cruise, and some memorable experiences.


The Liberating Land

Portugal sets you free. The little worries like- is that cafe too upper-class? If we can afford another coffee here?- they really don't exist here. Even in the most fancier establishments the espressos usually costs under US$1 and the beers no more than US$2. You must try ordering a second pastel de nata why not? For sure, you should! There are cute casas and transformed farmhouses and the oozing charm for under US$100.


Country with 17,000 isles

In Indonesia, the numbers are high and costs are low. The rooms here might start here from 350,000 rupiahs; that's only US$25. It's quite easy to be a millionaire here so even the budget mooners can enjoy plenty of fun. Some of the obvious choice places are- Bali that has great beaches, the culture in Ubud, cracking surf. But Indonesia has 17,000 isles! Consider Lombok and the Gili islands, culture, and volcanoes on Java and the jungle adventures on Sumatra.


Learn Dive with your Love

Honduras is the budget choice in Central America, the inexpensive food and lodging are easily found in the country. The country is also known as one of the cheapest places to learn Dive. In the country, you can head to the white sands of Utila to Scuba or simply relax by the Caribbean. The islands near the Cayos Cochinos offer great romantic environments. You can also head to the Mayan ruins of Copán and adventures in the Pico Bonito National Parks.


Home to Angkor Wat

Cambodia is a blend of world-beating sights and budget-friendly expenditures. The country is a home to the Angkor Wat whose seven-day entry ticket costs as minimum as US$72 only and believe us or not; this is extremely expensive in comparison to anything in the country. Not only this, you get one of the cheapest beer at just US$1 and meals at just US$2 and ever improving.


Sun Lover's Paradise

Not obviously the perfect honeymoon choice, but yes and inexpensive choice that should be visited regardless of the season. The capital of the country, Sofia, has enough to interest citizens. Here, sun lovers can lie by the black sea while enjoying the soft sand and beers at just US$2- what's there not to love about Bulgaria? The winter lovers can hit Europe's best-value skiing: Bansko and Borovets have the slopes for all levels.

South Africa

Fits in all Budgets

Safaris are not usually budget things but in South Africa, you can save by self-driving Kruger National Park’s 2WD-friendly roads, staying at the rest campus en route. Across the country, food prices are good and plentiful accommodations that ensure there is something for all budgets.


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