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Charming Islands

One of the smallest countries with one of the biggest reputation from over the globe. The country is filled with breathtaking landscapes and fascinating yet friendly people. The people's lyrical nature is expressed in the warmth of their welcome. Everything you have heard about Ireland is true, the place is a stunner!

Top-Rated Places to Visit in Ireland

Dublin Zoo

Largest Zoo in Ireland

The largest zoo in Ireland, and is known as one of the most popular attractions of Dublin. 69 acres of land area is covered by the zoo; describing its role as a study, conservation, and education. One of the most amazing parts of Dublin Zoo is the Sea Lion Cove. The Sea Lion Cove was opened by the President of Ireland, in June 2015. The habitat is a home to the amazing California sea lions and is the biggest new saltwater habitat with one of the most exciting developments undertaken by Dublin Zoo in recent years.

Book of Kells

Finest Manuscripts

The Book of Kells is sometimes known as the Book of Columba. The Book of Kells is famous for being one of the finest most legendary of a group of manuscripts. The Book of Kells contains the four Gospels of the Christian scriptures that are written in black, purple, red, and yellow ink followed by prefaces, concordances, and summaries of Gospel passages.

St Patricks Cathedral


St Patricks Cathedral, Dublin is the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland was founded in the year 1191. The Church is known as the tallest church in Ireland with elevating to 43-metre (141 ft). At present, the church has become the central place for a number of public national ceremonies. The Cathedral has a number of burial badges which are indifferent to read and to examine.

Fota Wildlife Park Cork

Huge Wildlife Park

It's a huge 100-acre wildlife park that is located on Fota Island, Ireland. The attractive thing to know about is that it is a nonprofit charity that is also one of the leading tourism, conservation, and wildlife attractions in Ireland. The annual footfall at the park is counted to around 440,000 visitors. The park is home to around 30 mammals and 50 bird species. Here some of the animals like ring-tailed lemurs and wallabies, roam freely with the park's visitors. The first animals that started to arrive at Fota Wildlife Park in the year 1982, and later the Fota Wildlife Park was opened in the year 1983.

Blarney Castle

Known for Blarney Stone

The castle dates from before 1200 when a timber house was believed to built on the site although there is no evidence remained on this. However, the castle is now a partial ruin with some battlements and accessible rooms and at the top of the castle rests a Stone of Eloquence that is better known as the "Blarney Stone". Tourists that are visiting the castle are often seen kissing the stone by hanging upside down over a sheer drop this is said to be the gift of the eloquence.

Bunratty Castle and Funpark

Popular for Early Banquets

The Bunratty Castle is a large 15th-century tower house in the Country Clare, Ireland. In Iris, the meaning of the name Bunratty is "river basin". In the present-day, the castle has become one of the major tourist destinations along with the "Bunratty Folk Park". Both the Bunratty Castle and Funpark are open to the general public. The castle is also famous for its early banquets.


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