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Travel To Russia

Russia is a fascinating city, has some of the best iconic cities with a rich history and cool UNESCO world heritage sites. The country has a number of beautiful churches, cathedrals, and monasteries that will definitely blow your minds up. Russia will definitely surprise you in every now and then of your trip.

Travel To Russia This FIFA Season


4th Largest Populous City

The city has a population of over 1.4 million people and this makes the city as the 4th largest populous city in Russia after Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and Moscow. The city has many places for its visitors like the Ganina Yama, Church on the Blood, QWERTY Monument, Circus, Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts, Ural State Technical University, Ural State University, Vygotsky Skyscraper, The Square of 1905, Ledovyj Gorodok, Yeltsin Centre, and Zoo. The city also offers plenty of cross-country skiing resorts as well.


City of the Four Ks

The city is also occasionally known by its German name Königsberg that is called 'Karaliaučius' in Lithuanians. Cousins to the 'Old Prussians'; Lithuanians used to live here. Along with its Polish name, the city is sometimes known as 'City of the Four Ks'; i.e, Kaliningrad/Königsberg/Krolewiec/Karaliaučius'. The best time to visit this city is in summer between the months of June and August.


City of Deep Culture

The city has a population of nearly about 1.3 million people living happily. The city has a rich history and deep culture. By many means, the Kazan has some of the highest standards of living in Russia; following after Saint Petersburg and Moscow. The city has also earned a reputation and is now known as the sports city; the city's recent investments made them achieving this reputation.


The Capital City

Moscow is a very old, nearly about 869 years old capital city of Russia. The global and iconic city has made to stand as the central city for the development in the country and the earth. The city has a humid continental climate with moderately hot summers and frosty winters. The city lives and breathes Russian history.


Fifth Largest City

Nizhny Novgorod rank as the fifth largest city in Russia followed by Moscow. The city is also the economic center of the vast Volga economic region. being at Nizhny Novgorod, you can enjoy eye witnessing historical center, museums, monuments, and others such as churches, Chkalov Footway, Rozhdestvenskaya st., Varvarskaya st. and more.


Russia's Largest City

Rostov-On-Don is the gateway to the Northern Caucasus region. The city is southern Russia's largest and cosmopolitan city. The city offers its visitors to eye witness some of the most entertaining places like Rostov State Opera and Ballet, Rostov-on-Don ZooPark, and Maxim Gorky Academic Drama Theatre. You can also do some great shopping at the Central Rinok and can stroll through October revolution park.


Famous for Volga River

Lined up as the sixth largest city in Russia is the capital of an eponymous region; the city lies on the Volga river in European Russian region. When at the city; you can eyewitness Samara Embankment in the City Center, Samara Cosmos, and the Samara's Arbat.


Host City of FIFA 2018

The city is the capital of the Republic of Mordovia; the city was named after the city's situation on the Saranka river. These days, the city has managed to earn the crown of one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. The city is also a home city for many World and Olympic champions and is also the host city of the year 2018. Above all the atmosphere on the streets is above awesome.


Summer Capital of Russia

The city is unofficially known as the Summer Capital of Russia. The city is the busiest summer sea resorts, drawing attentions of more than 4 million people. With endless shingle beaches, bustling nightlife, and warm sunny days together make Sochi one of the best places to visit.


City with Seasonal Variations

VOLGOGRAD has humid climate and faces a moderate rainfall throughout the year. The city also has huge seasonal variations due to its firm continentality. The winters here are freezing, on the other hand, summers are moderately hot.


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